Volunteer Stories

Liam Earns His Eagle Scout Badge

by desiging a vegetable garden for Transition House kids!

Liam Freniere, a 14 year-old Dos Pueblos High School student and proud Boy Scout, has chosen for his Eagle Scout service project an idea that will benefit Transition House families for years to come.

His project, which will earn him his Eagle Scout Badge, will consist of redesigning Transition House’s vegetable garden, located next to the children’s playground in the emergency shelter. The current garden has only two inches of soil and then hits the concrete foundation. As a result, the vegetables that have been planted don’t grow very well. Liam will clean out the garden, pull out the weeds, build raised-box planters around the perimeter of the current garden, create a pathway through the garden, and write a “How To” manual. He will also write recipes that call for what is being grown in the garden. Liam will maintain the garden too by checking on it once a month, replanting any dying plants, watering and weeding.

In the coming weeks, Liam will be getting together with one of his friends to start designing and constructing the planter boxes. Liam’s father, who is in the construction business, taught Liam how to use building and construction tools. Once the boxes are built, Liam and his friends will take them to the shelter and install them.

What makes Liam’s project so special is that his father is a former Transition House volunteer—volunteering at a time when Shelter Assistant Volunteers monitored the shelter overnight. Liam’s father has shared with his son many stories of his experience as a Transition House volunteer, and the importance of community service. That is one of the reasons Liam selected Transition House as the beneficiary of his service project.

As a result of his interest in Transition House’s vegetable garden, Liam has been able to combine his new passion for healthy eating with learning how to cultivate nutritious foods. He is excited to build the garden so that children at Transition House can learn how vegetables are grown, and, he hopes, be inspired to eat more of them.

To support his project, Liam has been saving money. He has also collected donations from family and friends, received a donation of fifty dollars towards materials from Home Depot, as well as soil and plants from local nurseries.

Good job, Liam! We can’t wait to experience the finished garden!

*To inquire about how you can help out at Transition House contact Volunteer Coordinator Nicole Janowicz