Volunteering at Transition House gives you the chance to meet new friends, give back to the community we all love, and help Santa Barbara families in need. Our volunteers are the best in the world!

Transition House succeeds in helping local homeless families for one very simple reason: Our Fantastic Volunteers!

Without them, there would be no Transition House. Each year 1200+ members of the Santa Barbara community –people of all ages and all walks of life– take time from their own busy lives to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors who have fallen into homelessness.

As a volunteer, you can make a difference in someone’s life, if only for a few hours per month. Your contribution is up to you. Imagine the influence one adult can make on a child’s life; imagine your knowledge and expertise passed on to a parent searching for answers.  It’s also a chance for you to learn new skills, connect with others invested in our community, and even open doors to new career opportunities. Volunteering gives you the chance to give back to the Santa Barbara that we all love and call home.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Individual volunteers work in almost every aspect of our program, depending on their skills and interests: they comfort babies in the Infant Care Center, make art or music with a group of children in the Evening Enrichment Program, or tutor and supervise children while their parents are attending evening classes. Some Transition House volunteers meet the immediate needs of our families by keeping the shelter running smoothly in the evenings, making lunches, providing dinner, or lending an ear as a Shelter Assistant or Screener.

Volunteers also provide vital backup support by helping with fundraising and administrative tasks. If you have a special area of knowledge or expertise that you think would help our homeless parents and children grow, please let us know!

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Civic and faith-based Groups find Transition House an excellent place to work together to make a difference. Many Groups provide dinner for our residents once a month. Other Groups make lunches or bring baked goods. Some Groups adopt a Saturday or Sunday on a weekend to provide Transition House kids with safe, fun, and supportive activities. Groups can also volunteer to spend a day organizing and cleaning Transition House so that it sparkles when the families come home. There are endless possibilities for drives: clothes, bus tokens, snack foods, toothpaste . . . whatever interests you.

Did you know that some of our Group Volunteers have been giving of their time to Transition House for over a quarter of a century? Perhaps yours would like to be a part of that tradition!

Do you own a business or hire people on behalf of your business?
Many families who enter Transition House do so because they have become unemployed or they are under-employed.  If you are interested in serving families in the community you can do so by partnering with us in this very important area. Our Employment Specialist can meet with you, find out what your personnel needs are, and work with you to identify possible candidates for whatever openings you might have. If you would like to find out more about this partnership opportunity, please contact our Employment Specialist, Dolores Daniel, at ddaniel@transitionhouse.com.

Learn More

There is no greater reward than lifting up the life of a Santa Barbara neighbor in need. Since it’s beginnings in 1984, because of it’s Volunteers/Supporters, Transition House has touched the lives of over 10,000 local homeless parents and their children… and it could not have been done without people like you.

Volunteer commitments range from 2 hours monthly to 10 hours weekly, or even one-time projects. Hours vary according to volunteer availability, particular positions, and program needs. Whatever time you can give will be a great help!

For more information about Volunteer Opportunities, please contact Nicole Janowicz, our Volunteer Coordinator at (805) 966-9668 ext. 115 or by email njanowicz@transitionhouse.com to learn how you can make a difference.

Become a Part of the Transition House Family

No time to volunteer? There still so many other ways to get involved, and it’s fun! First, why not join our Facebook Group and meet others from the Santa Barbara community who show their support for Transition House. Email your friends and tell them how they can join too!

Maybe you have a great idea to get the community involved? Let us know! How about a organizing a Walk-a-Thon or hosting a fundraising event in your home? What about a tour of the shelter for your business group, club or your child’s homeroom class? Please email us with your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Finally, if you can, won’t you please make a donation? No matter how big or small it may be, it is always greatly appreciated and shows how much you care!

Thank you Santa Barbara!